PETER HUBLER’s Photography


Photography has been a passion, since my teenage days and throughout my live. I spent uncountable hours in the darkroom doing B&W silver prints.

For many years I was shooting just 35mm. One day I decided, “this is not good enough”! I bought a 4x5" Linhof, and used it until I became convinced that digital can soon do the same.  Anyway, maintaining a darkroom is not easy in Cuba.

The digital darkroom gives me an additional creative dimension. But the darkroom process, with the image emerging in the developer was actually a lot sexier  than enhancing and printing from the computer.

I like doing landscapes, still-life, architecture and people alike, depending on the opportunities.

Born 1940

Raised in Switzerland

Graduated as mechanical engineer.

Lived in England, Canada and then again in Switzerland.

Since being retired I am living mostly in Havana Cuba or Toronto and devote a good part of my time to photography.

Peter Hubler